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School sports day for students faculty and families

Know more about the latest sporting events in the curriculum of colleges & universities that you want to enroll in.

Event date

4th September’2020

Event timing

8:00 am - 1:30 pm

Event location

our school ground

Application start

25th June’2020

Event Description

All our sporting events are mentioned in the university calendar that is published every year. So, you can plan your schedule after viewing the extensive event description. Institutions organize sporting tournaments and fests every year for existing students, faculty as well as family members. Therefore, a student can choose his/her university depending upon a particular sporting event which the institution specializes in.

All local and outstation students can now choose their college in US, Canada or in the UK by getting to know about the facilities and infrastructure available. For reputable colleges and universities, organizing events are a must to attract new students. Thus, if you want to enroll in one such university, try finding out the list of events that are slated for a particular year. It can help you choose from a list of deemed colleges that you have long dreamt about. You can find the event descriptions in the journal or weekly subscription of one such popular educational institution in your city of residence.

Our Prolific Manager

This guy is one of our most talented, dynamic and experienced even managers of your institution till date. He possesses vast expertise in the field of managing mega sporting events to cultural fests.

Benjamin Williams

Designation : Event Manager

Trust me, this guy is a bundle of talent. For years, he has been organising cultural fests, sporting events and theatres on university campuses. So, you can well understand his passion for organizing multi-disciplinary events across the board, especially when it comes to colleges and universities.

If you are planning to enroll yourself into a deemed college, try checking on the events that it organizes on a yearly basis. And how to find it? Very simple! Just go through the events that are displayed on its magazine and newsletters. Now you can choose a college that has a string of events lined up in its annual calendar. All you guys and guys that are event lovers, can now pick one such educational institution by going through the list of events that are described in its official diary of events. If you are a music fan or a sports lover, try checking out the details about a particular college in its official magazine.

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